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The Reason Hypoallergenic Dog Food Is Best For Your Dog

Do you ever notice your dog having allergies? Do they have itchy skin, vomiting, or diarrhea? If so, then your dog might be allergic to the food it is eating. The major question is, what is the allergy and how do I fix it? While it may be hard to determine what is causing those allergic reactions the simple switch of your dog food could be an easy and quick solution. In fact, the answer may be that your dog needs a hypoallergenic dog food. This article is to explain what hypoallergenic dog food is, why it is important to use, and learn some of the brands to use.
Let’s take a look at what hypoallergenic dog food actually means. Hypoallergenic dog food is actually a dog food you can get that does not have all of the allergens in it that other dog food consists of. Think of a human having allergies or even an allergic reaction to peanuts, dairy or even wheat. In order to avoid those allergic reactions, you would avoid eating foods that contained those ingredients, correct? This is the same for your dog. Dogs can have an allergic reaction to many different ingredients however some of the common consists of the following: beef, chicken, fish, dairy, wheat, corn and soy. Hypoallergenic dog food uses ingredients that are less common. For instance, instead of using chicken or beef for their protein, they will use turkey, salmon, duck or lamb. Hypoallergenic dog food also does not use wheat, corn or soy.

Now for our next question. Why is it important to use a Hypoallergenic dog food rather than another type? If your dog does have allergic reactions caused by the food then it is imperative that you switch to a hypoallergenic dog food. Besides, do you really want your dog to keep vomiting or having diarrhea after they eat when this problem could be solved just by switching their food? I don’t know about you but if it was that simple to have my dog feel good, it is not even an option not to switch it. We all love our dogs, we want them to feel good, what an EASY solution!
So now that we have learned about hypoallergenic dog food and what it is as well as why it is important to use, what brands do you start with? There are several brands out there that have hypoallergenic dog food such as Blue Basics, Natural Balance, and Karma Organic dog food. When looking for the best hypoallergenic dog food just make sure to double check the ingredients. You might want to consider getting a small bag in case your dog does not tolerate the food you are trying to switch to. For some, it may come easy and they find the right fit for their dog on the first time. However, some may not be so lucky and have to try a couple different kinds. Just keep the part of the package that lists the ingredients so you know to try something with a different protein for instance.